gossipgirlmadness asked:
hi I have a question on transportation from fullerton to LA what's the best way? And cheapest? Thanks!

There are a ton of different ways, but here are some (that I have used and still use):

-a type of taxi service (use code 18GPO to get money off- or there are always deals online) which I’ve used. It ended up being free because of discount codes I found! It’s an app and they find your location and send a car there and you put in where you want to go and pay via the app!
-Price (around) $35 before discount
-Quickest option, because you can dropped off at your destination!! ~45 minutes

-pretty quick as well! I like this option the best. Times are online, and you can buy your tickets online too. You would have to ride the OCTA bus to the train station, but it’s not far away at all from campus!
-Price $12 or $24 round trip
-Not as quick as Uber, but no traffic! ~45 from train station to LA Union station, but you may need to catch a bus from there to your destination.

-cheapest option, but I dislike it the most if you are trying to get all the way to LA.
-Price $6 or $12 round trip
-takes a long time…. 2-3 hours at least…. But you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.

MAKE A FRIEND: (who has a car)
-I take it back this is the best option! Most people love LA, and you can get validated parking a lot of places! Help them pay for gas, of course, and have a great day together!

something to keep in mind is that you can mix and match. My best friend and I will use the OCTA bus to get to the Fullerton Train Station, then go on the Amtrak to LA Union Station, then get on a metro bus from there. Usually when we go to LA we are going to some event that we scored free tickets to. All in all, a $30 day isn’t bad :)

Another thing I want to quickly add here is that the school gives out free bus passes to every student, so you can go anywhere in Orange County for free! And there are plenty of things to do in the OC. I hope this is helpful! :)


this picture is so unbelievable that I don’t mind sharing it on the internet

this picture is so unbelievable that I don’t mind sharing it on the internet

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